Medical Insurance: Many medical health care plans cover massage therapy as a part of preventative or alternative health care and many people are unaware of this benefit. We will call your insurance company for you to verify if this benefit is available for you to use. If you have obtained a doctors referral for massage therapy we will still need to verify this information with your insurance company.

 We are preferred providers for:


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Please Note: We do not accept out of state insurance

Auto Accident: If you are needing treatment including massage therapy for an auto accident, we will call to verify coverage. We document your sessions and provide any and all records to your primary care physician, physical therapist, and attorney as needed.

Why get a massage after and auto accident? Many accidents result in whiplash, neck pain, low and mid back pain, hip pain, shoulder injury, decrease in range of motion and many more conditions. Massage therapy can help reduce pain from these injuries and reduce build up of scar tissue, which left untreated can result in ongoing pain and restrictions.

For auto injury cases we bill $45/unit.


To start billing your insurance today, please email a copy of your driver’s license and the front and back of your medical or auto insurance card to We will promptly verify your benefits within three business days.