Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage

All of our massage therapists are trained to manipulate soft tissue in such a way that aids the healing process, enhances function of muscles and increases range of motion. We treat a variety of soft tissue injuriesmassage_02, aid healing post surgery, and restore use of immobilized joints. This is where our passion lies and rest assured knowing that there can be relief from pain and discomfort.

Swedish Massage 

Melt the stress of the day away with a relaxing, detoxifying, Swedish massage. With long, smooth strokes this massage is sure to release tension and increase circulation to leave you feeling rested and pampered.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Release tension and knots with a deep tissue, therapeutic massage. Using techniques such as neuromuscular therapy and stretching you are sure to release toxins and decrease tension.

Hot Stone Massage 

Hot stones are popular for the ultimate relaxation and tension release. The combination of heat and smooth strokes work in a blissful combination that you won’t forget. Even in the hot summer months there is no better way to relax tight muscles.

Prenatal Massage

Mama can relax and enjoy this precious time even more without the bother of aches and pains. We tailor the massage to each woman’s needs while their bodies are enduring a multitude of changes.

Sports Massage

Athletes know tight muscles and scar tissue can lead to decreased performance.  Regular massage incorporating techniques such as adhesion release and deep stretches allow you to perform your best under any conditions.

Lymphatic Drainage

This gentle technique is used to manually encourage the natural drainage of the lymph. The purpose of lymph drainage is to carry waste away from the tissues and towards the heart by using light, rhythmic hand movements. (This technique is performed by Stevie only)

Couples Massage

Couples can share some much needed time together while receiving the treatment that is specific to their needs whether it be a Swedish, deep tissue, pre-natal, or sports massage. (Couples massages are in the same room, at the same time.)


Therapeutic/Swedish/Deep Tissue/Pre-natal/Sports

$60/60 minute*

$90/90 minute*

$120/120 minute*

Hot Stone

$110/90 minute*

$135/120 minute*


$120/60 minute*

$180/90 minute*

*We now offer a full 60 minute hands on massage!