Massage Enhancers

Hot Towels and Hot Packs- Included

You can add hot towels to any massage to enhance relaxation while melting tension in your problem areas. You will receive 2-4 hot towels and you chose whether you want them at the beginning or end of your massage. If you opt for a hot pack, it can be placed on problem areas to make treatment more effective.

 Fire and Ice Treatment $8

No, we do not actually use fire or ice but we do use hot towels or hot pack, cold pack, and Doterra’s Deep Blue cooling serum to relax the muscles deeply and bring lasting relief to sore or tight areas.

 Sole Therapy Foot Scrub $8

This massage enhancer is excellent for your soul and your soles. Most of us take our feet for granted.  Our feet have over 7,000 nerve endings, 19 muscles, 106 ligaments, and 26 bones. This treatment removes the stress and tension from feet while also removing dead skin leaving your soles (and soul) feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Feet and Hand Scrub $12

Treat yourself with this relaxing combo that exfoliates with an aromatherapy coconut oil sugar scrub and provides a deep moisture with an essential oil body butter.

Aromatherapy $6

Essential oils are often used in conjunction with massage because of their tremendous healing benefits. Our bodies and moods can be greatly affected by scents. By infusing various oils into your massage you can decrease stress and anxiety and maximize your massage experience.