Athletes understand that tight muscles and scar tissue can lead to decreased performance. Regular massage incorporating techniques such as adhesion release and deep stretches allow you to perform your best under any conditions. Pre and post race massages are important to prevent injuries and help reduce recovery time.

 We recommend an isometric muscle balancing treatment for athletes.

FAQ for Sports Massage

How long before my event should I receive massage?

When training for an event you should be receiving regular massage; maybe weekly or biweekly, or monthly. If you haven’t been getting massage regularly but want to get in before a race, it’s a good idea to make an appointment for about 5-7 days before the event. This gives your body enough time to flush out the waste and toxins that are released from massage. Massage, especially deep tissue massage, can also leave muscles feeling sore, much like after a workout. If you are not used to receiving regular massage, the chances of soreness are increased. You don’t want to go into a race with already sore muscles.

How long should I wait to receive massage after a race?

It is usually best to let your muscles recover for a day or two after an event. Your muscles have worked very hard and there is likely some inflammation. Letting that inflammation ease before getting your massage will help increased the benefits of your massage.

Can I get a massage the day before or after an event?

Absolutely! This might sound like a complete contradiction to the answers of the above questions. The techniques that are used immediately before or after a race are not for deep tissue relaxation of the muscles. Rather, pre and post event massage consists of passive stretches, friction to warm up the muscles, and shaking of the joints to increase synovial fluid.  These techniques are very effective in helping keep muscles warm and decreasing risk of injury.

 *We recommend an isometric muscle balancing treatment for most athletes