Yoga Classes: Our small, intimate space makes our classes less intimidating to beginners and allows the instructor to spend more time with hands on adjustments and more personal instruction throughout the class. A smaller class size also better allows the instructor to tailor the practice to the needs of the students.



$100/ 10 classes

Wellness plan members get an additional 10% off

3 person minimum or class may be canceled

Private Yoga Sessions: Whatever your skill level, a one-on-one personalized session is a great way to enhance any yoga practice. You get full attention and customization to create the yoga practice that is tailored to your body and needs. Great for building strength after an accident or injury or if you’re new to yoga.


$60 for 50 minutes


Lanny_YogaPronounced “Law-Nee”. Lanny was first introduced to yoga in 2006. She quickly discovered the healing aspects of yoga by coming into the present moment through breath and physical postures. Her career profession is in software development but has found that yoga, along with a regular fitness routine, has helped bring her life into balance. Lanny is also passionate about her Christian faith, which has fueled her desire to share her practice of yoga and help others live a healthy lifestyle. During her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, spends time with family and friends and loves to travel around the world.